Student Coaching

The Positive Program employs a formula for success for students to help increase motivation, improve performance, enhance positive self-esteem, overcome study and test anxiety, become motivated to achieve success, identify core values and develop well-formed outcomes.

ENCORE Leadership Workshop

The Positive Program conducts leadership workshops for middle school students, focusing on identifying leadership qualities and characteristics in others that can be emulated, discovering leadership qualities in themselves, and applying positive leadership in their lives, in their school, and in their homes.  The students emerge from the workshops with such positive energy, eager to spread what they have learned with their family, teachers, and peers.

Living Positive is a skill that can be learned and applied.  Our coaches develop customized solutions for each client, and provide them with the skills and resources to make positive, meaningful, and sustainable change in their lives. Support is also fostered through the Positive Program’s Positive Posts and on our Facebook site, which can serve as daily reminders to retain a positive outlook and mindset every day, in every way.

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