Political Consulting and Public Relations

The Positive Program coaches have a total of over 25 combined years in successful political consulting and public relations, including campaign management.  Our successful, strategic campaigns have helped to elect local city mayors, city councilmembers, school board trustees, county officials, state representatives, and federal representatives.

Do you need a campaign manager, strategist, executive coach, or political consultant for your campaign?

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Research election district, candidate, and opponent(s)
  • Strategic campaign goal-setting
  • Developing a campaign message, issues development and overall strategy
  • Developing communications and media strategies
  • Fundraising advising and assistance
  • Budget advising and management:  donations, loans, expenses
  • Staff management and volunteer coordination
  • Analyze district map and target voters
  • Customize voter lists: active vs. inactive
  • Organizing block-walking, canvassing, and GOTV
  • Coalition and leadership building (civic groups, businesses, organizations, clubs, etc.)
  • Support and endorsements gathering
  • Event planning
  • Communications coaching (style, tone, body language, etc.)
  • Speech writing
  • Document creation and literature development (press releases, flyers, mailers, ads, etc.)
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Website development and management
  • Momentum planning for early vote and election day activities

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Presidential Tips

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Presidential Tips

Now in his second term in office, President Barack Obama utilized effective communication skills to connect with and captivate his audience.  The Positive Program coaches have had extensive training in these same techniques, and can help candidates seeking office to successfully utilize their communication skills and written and spoken presence to their advantage. “Yes, we can.” - President Barack Obama

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